Raspberry Pi Game Emulator

Raspi MarioAre you ready to learn how to build your Raspberry Pi into a retro game emulator? Then “GET OVER HEREEE” and let’s build Custom Gaming Pi, the $35 mini computer, into a versatile game emulator which can emulate everything from DOS, Commodore 64 games, ATARI, NES and SNES, Sega, N64, PS1, and many more platforms! We will teach you how to configure and build your Pi using the amazing work of the folks who engineered the RetroPie Projecthttp://blog.petrockblock.com/retropie/

This course will include:

1) How to set up a Raspberry Pi with Raspian Linux Distro and install the RetroPie Project with emulation station
2) How to add ROMs i.e. game files to the emulator
3) How to configure and map the buttons for your controller to the various game emulators

Materials required:

1) A laptop or netbook with an SD card slot (or bring a separate USB SD card reader).

2) Software needed:

Windows Machines:
WinSCP (http://winscp.net/eng/index.php)
Win32 Disk Imager (http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/)
RetroPie Disk Image (http://blog.petrockblock.com/retropie/retropie-downloads/)

Macs and Linux Machines:
You already have all that you need! we will cover the basics of the utilities for communicating with your Pi through the terminal and secure copy (SCP).

Don’t worry, we’ll help you figure it out if your not comfortable installing these programs before the class.

3) No previous knowledge of Raspberry Pi is required. 

The course will come with the following materials:
~Authentic Raspberry Pi Model B+ (B Plus) 512 MB – Made in UK
~8 GB Samsung MicroSD Card – Raspberry Pi Foundation Recommended MicroSD Card pre-loaded with NOOBS, ~Raspberry Pi B+ Case with GPIO Access
~2.0A USB Power Supply with 5-foot Micro USB Cable specially designed for the Raspberry Pi B+ delivering full 2.0A @ 5V
~4.3 TFT LCD Monitor w/ RCA Cable
~2 x USB controllers

Cost is $150 and the course starts with no Raspberry Pi knowledge and ends with your first working Raspberry Pi project –a working game emulator!

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