Arduino on a Breadboard

Course Description:

Arduino Breadboard

Build Arduino compatible projects on a breadboard and learn how to unleash your creations as embedded solutions to save cost while also taking full advantage of the Arduino Framework and API. This course will cover all the skills necessary to go without the development board and get one step closer to the AVR hardware while still maintaining the ease of use of Arduino and its IDE. No prior Arduino Experience is required, and all materials are included for making your first breadboard Arduino and bootload the chip with an AVR Programmer (also included).

Participants will be required to provide their own laptop computers for programming the Arduino and will be required to install the latest Arduino software available at:

We look forward to the awesome things you can do with this capability of unlocking AVR’s without strapping an Arduino board to everything, and still using the power of the Arduino framework, which has a huge worldwide adoption and hundreds of libraries.

The class will also touch on programming and development and will take you through some of the basic example programs and implementing them and the core functionality of the Arduino IDE, including some language fundamentals and program structure.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: $99

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