Class List

Here is the current list of class offerings:

Image Transfer of a precious moment

Image Transfer of a precious moment

IMG_9263Intro to Wood Burning and Image Transfer

Learn to create wood burned projects and learn how to transfer color images onto wooden surfaces. These skills can be used to make thoughtful gifts or just great memories to save and enjoy.

Stay tuned here for Bottle Rocket Class Info

Bottle rocket classes coming this summer!

20140612-084143-31303856.jpgIntro to Bottle Rockets

Learn how to make garbage into the most fun you can have all summer as we transform soda bottles into projectiles and learn a bit of backyard rocket science. Fun for all ages!


Mk 2 stake-less launcher

Mk 1 Launcher

Mk 1 Launcher

Build a Bottle Rocket Launcher

A more advanced workshop on building your own bottle rocket launcher to take the fun home to family and friends. This class includes an overview of how rocket launchers work, as well a s all materials. Students under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Raspi MarioBuild your own Raspberry Pi Game Emulator

Are you ready to learn how to build your Raspberry Pi into a retro game emulator? Then “GET OVER HEREEE” and let’s build Custom Gaming Pi, the $35 mini computer, into a versatile game emulator which can emulate everything from DOS, Commodore 64 games, ATARI, NES and SNES, Sega, N64, PS1, and many more platforms!

Arduino BreadboardBuild an Arduino on a Breadboard

Build Arduino compatible projects on a breadboard and learn how to unleash your creations as embedded solutions to save cost while also taking full advantage of the Arduino Framework and API. This course will cover all the skills necessary to go without the development board and get one step closer to the AVR hardware while still maintaining the ease of use of Arduino and its IDE. No prior Arduino Experience is required, and all materials are included for making your first breadboard Arduino and bootload the chip with an AVR Programmer (also included).

Intro to 3D Printing

Build your own Printrbot 3D Printer

Intro to Woodworking: Building Picture Frames

Intro to Woodworking: Build your own Cutting Board

Intro to Woodworking: Building Trivets

Intro to Woodworking: Build a Toolbox

Build an Electric Guitar Tube Amplifier

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