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Recently I have joined the network of designers for hire on, and I was a bit surprised by the high level of interest. 3D printing has been a growing way for designers and others to make ideas come to … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Guitar Building: Guitar Project Update

Over Memorial Day weekend, I brought half my woodshop on the road to Penn Hills PA and my grandmother’s basement. With my sister working two jobs and my father having work to do around grandma’s house, it was a great chance … Continue reading

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The Beginnings of a Dream: Starting the Guitar Build

This begins a long time dream project: To build a guitar from the ground up. I decided that the only way to start it was to start it. I don’t have all the parts yet but I will be researching … Continue reading

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Christmas Cutting Boards

This post really goes out to all my prospective students for the Wood Burning and Image Transfer class, recently re-scheduled for February 1st at 1:00pm at Hoboken MakerBar. This year, I decided to make handmade cutting boards and personalize them as christmas gifts … Continue reading

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Current Projects Dashboard

I thought now would be a good a time as any to set out a few things in black and white that are on my proverbial to do list. Some of these are in varying stages of completion and others … Continue reading

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Bottle Rockets: Launchers

Today has been a day of Bottle Rocket fun. There are a lot of bottle rocket launcher designs out there, from the simple, to the complex, and the cheap to the costly. I remember in middle school my science teacher … Continue reading

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Tube Guitar Amplifier Project

This is a post derived from an email thanking NYC Resistor for their help in getting me started on this path. I have at this point successfully completed the project, and I’ve gotten a lot of satisfaction from the build. … Continue reading

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