Announcing the Classes Section

The Maker Classes page is now live, where you can find out about the classes I am offering and how you can get involved and sign up.

Over the past several years, I have taught people from all age groups and diverse backgrounds. My classes have taught skills from woodworking and wood burning to basic Arduino, 3D printing, programming, soldering, Raspberry Pi, and soda bottle rocketry.

This Spring I am bringing more classes to more locations around the northern NJ area and online, covering topics from a wide range of technical and hobby subjects.

Check out the Upcoming Classes page for more details about when classes will be scheduled, and look at the Class List page to see my complete course catalog.

You can also sign up to my mailing list here for more information about classes and other news.

It’s going to be an exciting spring and summer, so don’t miss out.

More coming soon,


About robotorbust

Never worry about robots trying to take over the world. Worry about the people driving them ;)
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